Space Tourism: Do Companies like Space X and Orion Span mean Holidays to the Stars are just Around the Corner?

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Space x has been pioneering the space game recently, with its impressive display of flights including, launching Elon Musk’s personal Tesla into orbit and their ability to safely re-land rocket boosters. Will this mean the technology for commercial flights into space will be developed sooner than predicted? Whilst space x is more concerned about colonising Mars than commercial holidays, there are many companies looking to use these developments for space tourism.

Virgin has been offering ‘space trips’ for years, however these only travel to the very edge of space, travelling up to the Karman line at 100km, the marker for the start of space and not actually what many people would imagine when you think of a space flight up into stars. Costing $250,000, you can expect to experience 3 days of training and a trip to the Karman line where you will get 6 minutes of zero gravity as their rocket brings you back down to earth, after this, you can be called an official astronaut.

A new company, Orion Span, plans to take customers all the way into orbit. They have claimed their space hotel ‘Aurora Station’ will be open to guests in just 4 years’ time! But costing a hefty $9.5 million per person, only the richest few will be able to head out there any time soon! This project, however, has many unanswered questions about how they will make this possible, leading many to believe this is going to happen much later than they claim, if at all.

So does that mean we can expect a trip to the moon in the next couple years? Well not really, but the huge advancements in this technology mean that this will be possible sooner or later. Space X COO has stated they’re looking into using rockets as a new way of travelling on earth, however, and states that with their rockets replacing planes you can travel anywhere in the world in less than an hour. This technology, she says, will be ready within the decade! And supposedly will not cost much more than the average plane ticket now. So we have that to look forward to.

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