Online learning solutions tailor made for your business

Eventure offers the creation and management of eLearning Software with Full Authoring Tools and simple third party course import with full SCORM 1.2 and backwards compatibility. Our eLearning development is custom and bespoke to your exact requirements and based on our LCMS Learning content management system application developed over the last 15 years. Our solutions are in use by both large and small companies and can support multi lingual course distribution and also multilingual administration and management.

Over the years, many businesses have approached us for help with their e-learning solutions. All too often, they have invested in a generic, “off the shelf” e-learning solution that has promised much, but delivered little. While these generic packages are usually well-designed and presented, they all share one common trait that will have an impact on the success of your e-learning – they are not tailored to your business.

At Eventure, we provide e-learning solutions with a difference – they are designed to meet your needs. So you can be sure that your training staff, employees and customers have access to all the tools they need to learn effectively.

Consisting of a core suite and features designed specifically for your organisation, our e-learning software offers many benefits:

  • Custom e-learning software designed specifically for your business.
  • Comprehensive range of core features including video integration and our virtual classroom facility
  • Learning Content Management System gives you control over course content
  • No additional software is required. Our e-learning software is completely web-based and is accessed via a secure gateway
  • Simple, user-friendly interface means users can work with the system effectively in under 1 hour
  • Train customers and staff any time, anywhere in the world, all from a single source
  • Flexible and scalable, our e-learning software can be adapted as your business continues to develop
  • Fast return on investment – with your e-learning system designed to meet your needs, your business will enjoy reduced training costs and all the benefits of having a high quality, flexible and scalable e-learning solution.

Our e-learning software solutions are the result of many years’ experience in the e-learning industry, working with a wide range of organisations. At the heart of all our solutions is a core, feature rich e-learning suite which consists of components that have proven to be successful with our many clients, including an Interactive Virtual Classroom facility and a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that gives you complete control over course content.

Added to our core package are our custom features, designed specifically to meet the needs of your business.

We will work alongside your training department to determine what tools your staff and customers need to learn effectively, and we will develop them as required. From assessment and reporting features to chat capabilities, we can ensure that your e-learning system is engaging, relevant, and suited to your products and services.

For more information about our custom e-learning software solutions and how they can help your business to reduce costs and deliver exceptional training please contact us for a no obligation chat.


E-Learning Course Design

Educate staff and customers with our custom built e-learning courses

All over the world, businesses like yours are choosing to use e-learning courses for staff and customer training. Why? Because they offer many advantages over traditional training courses:

  • An e-learning course can be used by staff and customers all over the world
  • Staff and customers can learn at any time and at their own pace
  • Training costs are reduced as there’s no need for trainers to deliver the content.

However, for an e-learning course to be effective, it must capture the attention of your staff and customers and provide an interesting interactive experience. Because when it comes to learning, we all share a common trait – we respond better to engaging content.

At Eventure, we specialise in creating exceptional, custom e-learning programmes and we have made it our mission to rid the world of tedious, uninspiring training material. That’s why we only produce carefully structured, visually interesting, and most importantly, effective e-learning courses.

From the moment we start working with you, you’ll appreciate our attention to detail and commitment to producing vibrant pages. With many years of experience in the e-learning industry, our dedicated design and development teams will ensure that your e-learning course:

  • Is structured to deliver the best possible training experience
  • Makes effective use of images, flash animations, videos and other multimedia elements
  • Provides an engaging, interactive experience that helps your customers and staff to learn effectively
  • Impresses your customers staff, and indicates your commitment to providing them with the best possible learning tool.

We can create new e-learning courses, redevelop your existing e-learning courses, or even convert your traditional training courses into effective online training programmes. So for a truly outstanding online training solution that is designed specifically for the needs of your business, contact us now.


E-Learning Consultancy

Expert advice on e-learning development and implementation

As your business begins to make the transition from traditional training to e-learning, you will need to make important decisions that could have a long-term effect on your business’s training.

Make the right choices, and your business could benefit from reduced training costs, higher quality training material, and a highly skilled workforce. But if you are to take your business’s training in the right direction, you need expert knowledge of training strategies, course structure, content design, and e-learning technologies. That’s where Eventure can help.

We are renowned for designing, developing and delivering outstanding e-learning solutions. Having produced online training courses for large organisations and growing businesses in many different industries, we have many years of extensive ‘hands on’ experience and know how to develop the perfect e-learning solution for your business. And now forward-thinking businesses like yours can benefit from our knowledge and expertise with our e-learning consultancy service.

Working alongside your training department, our team of dedicated e-learning design and development professionals can:

  • Advise on training strategies that will deliver for your business both in the short-term and the long-term
  • Advise on the use of technology and methods for implementing your e-learning solution
  • Provide a technical report that details exactly what is required to make your e-learning vision a reality
  • Create a model e-learning course that focuses on engaging content, effective structure, and accessibility
  • Develop a demonstration e-learning system and conduct testing groups to generate feedback from end-users. We will collate all feedback and deliver it to you in a comprehensive report
  • Ensure your e-learning programme is flexible and scalable.

We’ll be there to help and advise you through every phase of your e-learning development project, making sure you have the information you need to make informed choices.

To make the most of your business’s e-learning potential, contact us now for more information.