How We Bill & Our Program Types

We’ve a few different ways that we arrange our marketing packages. Because we work with businesses over many years, we see how they grow and change over time. As they get bigger, their needs (like yours) will change  – so we’ve created marketing packages that are flexible to suit any circumstance.

Basic Agile

One simple flat monthly fee to give you predictable control over your monthly outgoings. You get a full breakdown of planned activity for the next twelve months with all deliverable & activity laid out ahead of time but an adaptive team that can change direction at any time if circumstances change.

Ususally, this is for brand new sites looking to open up new marketing channels. It is also great for businesses that have internal marketing teams that simply require some digital expertise to assist and compliment their own marketing efforts. It’s most customers first step before moving onto Marketing Plus.
You give us your goals or your budgets, and we’ll provide you a marketing plan to cover the next twelve months. We’ll provide advice and support on the bits you need to cover internally. Most likely, the plans will include setting up new sales channels to find lovely new ways for you to make more sales.
 You’re billed a set amount every month agreed at the outset depending upon what your budgets are or the goals you have set. If any marketing activity requires design or development work it’ll be covered within our plans so you’ll get no unexpected bills. You will cover the costs of any paid advertising directly. Any big additional development work that you request outside of your marketing plan is likely to be charged separately at normal rates.

Marketing Plus

Like the Basic Agile; except that you’ll also have made a separate consideration for any development work. This may be internally arranged through your own developers or more often with our own development teams. To us marketing bods, it really doesn’t matter. What it means is that we can totally concentrate on pure marketing activity, knowing that we don’t need to worry about balancing your budgets throughout the year between marketing time and development time: It’s our most popular arrangement and what most businesses should be aiming towards before going with a full time dedicated developer.

Sites that have been established for more than two years and those that require regular updating & maintenance. Unless you have your own internal or third party development resources (or you’re suited to the options below), most site owners should be working under this arrangement to make sure that they’re keeping up with both technology and the competition.
With development resources in place, we can concentrate totally on marketing. Working alongside those developers, we can help build new content and functionality on your site to attract and convert more users. It also opens up a tonne of extra marketing options that the little boys simply can’t do.
You’re billed a flat monthly amount still. You will cover the costs of any paid advertising directly and should you have chosen to use our development teams, you’ll be getting enhanced rates on their work which will also be charged at a flat monthly rate.

Fully Managed

Sometimes, a monthly billing contract just isn’t suitable. That’s ok – we understand that if you’re working in a large organisation, getting any budgets approved is hard enough so we make the management of it as easy for you as possible.

Large organisation that have complex procurement processes.
We take total ownership an care of your entire budget. We look after it as if it was our own money, spending it on paid advertising, marketing man hours and development work as deemed appropriate with your agreement.
You give us a lump sum as a one off or quarterly and no other bills will arise.


When you need a full/part time marketing executive to working exclusively on your site this is ideal. It’s a better alternative to bringing in your own in house marketing team or when you need greater control of your project but don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Anyone whose business is critically reliant on the performance of their website or large organisations that need expert consultancy.
We will dedicate a suitable member of our team to work exclusively (or 50/50) on marketing your business to step change your digital marketing capabilities. They will also project manage your development schedules and generally act as your very own in-house webmaster, reporting directly to you.
Depending on the seniority & experience you require, a flat monthly fee will apply. Your entire web project’s budgets will be looked after from development to ad spend. 
Let's talk...
If you want to discuss which marketing plan is right for you or think it may be time to talk about what else you need to be doing to keep on growing, then please speak to Mark Storey or contact us via email

One Off Audit

Understanding what it is that’s holding your site back and to understand the competitive landscape usually starts with a full site audit. This is a in-depth document that will diagnose your site issues and give you a route-map so that senior management are able to execute a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Websites that are achieving (or wish to achieve) over a million visits a year or that have a strategical reliance on their website and digital channels. Usually it is provided for executive teams or for board level decision making. 
This audit takes approximately 6 months to deliver. We analyses your site and all of the marketing channels you have open to give you a clear & comprehensive “hit list” of things to do in order increase the amount of web traffic, increase the conversion rates and generally allow you to put in a working plan, highlighting skills and human resource deficits.
Due to the involved & complicated nature of this work, we charge a one off fee of £30,000 per site audit.
Let's talk...
If you want to discuss which marketing plan is right for you or think it may be time to talk about what else you need to be doing to keep on growing, then please speak to Mark Storey or contact us via email

How Your Billing Works

We offer agile digital marketing. This means we respond to ongoing demands in a flexible way. However we do put in place a plan for most clients who retain our services. With the exception of dedicated marketing contracts, no matter what your plan is, we charge a flat rate per hour.

How We Manage Billing

We charge based on a fixed hourly rate. To make sure we’re billing accurately, we use a software program that tracks our time. When we start working on your behalf we click a start button and when we’ve done we hit stop. It means everything we do is tracked and logged accurately and it means we can be totally transparent about your costs.

We work within the retainer you have provided us and if you are marketing on multiple channels, it probably means a strategic marketing plan has been drafted with an average amount of hours a month calculated. The nature of agile marketing is that some months we will do more and some month we will do less.

Over the course of a year if we do more or less hours than we are retained for in any month, that time is spent or accrued accordingly. In short, you get what you pay for.



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