Social Marketing

In the past few years, social networking websites such as MySpace,, StumbleUpon, Facebook and YouTube have grown substantially in popularity. In fact, they are now so popular, that we’d stake a bet that if you don’t own a MySpace or Facebook profile, you certainly know someone that does. But did you realise that these social networking sites can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your business?

With a creative, well planned marketing strategy, your business can use the most popular social networking sites to:

  • Create excitement about your products and services
  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Generate strong word-of-mouth advertising
  • Maintain interest in your business
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Achieve increased sales!

But to realise the full potential of social networking promotions, you need to understand the intricacies of how the social networks function, and you’ll also need a strong marketing plan and innovative ideas that will attract attention and get people talking about your business. That’s where we can help.

The Eventure marketing team recognised the advertising potential of social networks long before they reached their current levels of popularity. Having worked with the leading social networking websites for several years, we are experienced social network advertising experts who:

  • Understand how the social networks function
  • Have proven strategies for marketing in social networks
  • Can develop creative and memorable promotions that get people talking about your products and services.