A full suite of marketing services are available from our in house team and with over 15 years experience of creating and managing successful campaigns for local, national, and international brands over many product types, we know what works and what does not. We will advise and implement the best practice approach for UK and International targets including localisation, translation and website structure and communication.

Our average annual client growth is exceptional and needs to be demonstrated to be believed. Contact us for a full demonstration of real results.

Our services are broken into two disciplines, technical marketing and creative marketing.

Technical marketing is the constant compatibility updates and technical improvements required for your website to ensure the best user experience possible. It also maintains technical compatibility with the search engines and feeds required for the largest product reach and highest search engine rankings. Due to our researched approach we also include site in page and on page targeting optimisation as a technical service, all targets and phrases are researched and implemented and improved based upon conversion data on an ongoing basis.

Creative marketing is then the conceptualisation, creation of point of sale and distribution of campaign content through one or many of the available eight primary channels we discuss below.

The most successful projects contain a combination of all of the channels with multiple creative campaigns running simultaneously. This sounds complicated but it is not, and we work with you from concept to implementation and analyse all results. Ultimately we track every penny spent and report the results simply to allow us to make educated decisions of where your budgets get the best return for your business.

Our strategic approach to online marketing means that we are able to directly support your business goals. Whether that means finding new customers, more profitable customers or getting higher returns from existing customers, with our guidance and support, our bespoke plans, delivered by our in house specialists will hit all key targets.

We maintain an agile marketing approach throughout so that we can adapt along with your business. We recognise the essentialness of planning so prepare our proposed marketing activity up to 12 months in advance so that you are able to understand completely what is going to happen and how that will affect your business. There is no point doubling your sales, if we haven’t planned on how to fulfil them!

Our approach is filled with deliverables that you can track online at any time. We provide support for every sized business so that we can either support or replace your existing marketing teams as well has help you grow internally as your business develops.


Digital Marketing Channels

We build all of our marketing strategies around 8 core channels – each of which may contain multiple tactics and activities and arranged in a way to maximise the ROI of your budgets.


Search engines remain the primary way in which people discover new content and services on the web. Even people who may have heard of your business or your products are likely to look you up on a search engine and being optimised for those searches (SEO) means a tonne of free ongoing traffic.


Get your products and adverts showing in important places at the right time? Unlike traditional offline paid advertising, adverts are only shown to people you know are interested and actively searching for your products and services.


Be with your customers and “grease the wheels” of all your other marketing channels. If nothing else, a basic social media presence acts as your customer service desk and even if you don’t use social media, your customers surely will be.


Emailing your existing customers with targeted messages that relate closely to their interests is an especially effective methods of increasing sales. And with some a smidgen of geekery, we can even integrate this activity with your existing CRM systems to give you 360 degree control of your messaging.


Reward other people and websites for selling your products on your behalf. What makes affiliate marketing so useful, is that you only pay out when a sale is completed. It’s the only channel which guarantees a sale before you pay for its acquisition.

3rd Party

To many web users, buying online means a visit straight to sites like eBay or Amazon. So to get a slice of that action, we help get your products on there with test campaigns to measure potential ROI, right up to full integrations where your products automatically appear with Eventure’s unique 1-Click Service.

Content Marketing

Your content should support users and at every stage of the buying cycle, from discovery to advocacy. Done right, content on the web provides a long term stream of free traffic with well place blogs, videos and other rich media. Done amazingly, your content may go viral.


It’s a bit jargon, but User eXperience and Conversion Rate Optimisation are vital. Successful companies on the web understand that how a user interacts with their site, directly impacts their bottom line. We have a simple mantra to live by – Don’t make them think!  By testing and measuring how users actually use your site, intelligent changes lead to increased profits.


Organic Search Marketing

See your profits grow with organic search engine marketing

A highly ranked, professionally designed website that utilises a proven Internet marketing strategy can transform your business. Attracting visitors from all over the world, all actively searching for your products and services, a powerful website will improve your business’s brand, credibility, and most importantly, profit margins.

Every day, Eventure help businesses like yours maximise their online potential. Using our many years of Internet marketing, web development, and organic search engine optimisation experience, we can develop a website and Internet marketing strategy that:

  • Will feature on page 1 in Google without the need for paid advertising space. This is critical if your business is to thrive online, as web users rarely look beyond page 2 of search engine results. With 2 pages of relevant results already available, why would they?
  • Targets web users that are actively searching for the type of goods and services your business provides. Our marketing team use the latest traffic analysis tools to research the search terms and websites being used by your target market. This information is then used to ensure your website ranks highly on relevant results pages
  • Generate sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Delivers a user-friendly experience that makes it easy for your visitors to find and your products and services. If the shopping experience is too complicated, your visitors will take their custom elsewhere – remember, your competitors are only a click away
  • Encourages visitors to buy. Successful e-shops are able to attract a high volume of traffic and most importantly, can turn that traffic into sales.

Over the last fifteen years we have produced highly successful websites for businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. During this time, we have developed powerful Internet marketing strategies and have devised a formula that ensures our customers benefit from high rankings for relevant terms. Using this knowledge, our team of Internet marketing specialists, web design and web-developers can maximise the potential of your website by:

  • Providing full consultancy to outline the core online market strategy
  • Conducting in-depth keyword and phrase research to identify search terms that are relevant to your business and will generate high volumes of traffic
  • Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your online competitors
  • Ensuring that every page in your website can be accessed and indexed by the search engines
  • Optimising your website throughout and providing key landing page marketing
  • Starting an inbound links generation process from important key sites
  • Implementing our links management software and link generation strategy
  • Advising you on how to use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic and our own progress with your website
  • Offering initial setup and on-going monthly organic marketing campaigns to ensure that you reach page one as quickly as possible and stay there.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your business and increasing sales online. With no ‘up front’ advertising fee, it works by partnering your website with other successful websites and blogs – these websites are your affiliates, and they will promote your business and generate sales on your behalf. In return, you pay a commission on a per sale basis.

Over the past seven years, the Eventure marketing team has helped many businesses to increase sales and profitability through the strategic implementation of affiliate marketing. And now we’d like to use our online marketing skills, industry experience, and large network of business contacts to help your business.

With our affiliate marketing management service, your business could experience all the benefits of affiliate marketing:

  • Increase sales without paying advertising fees.
    Affiliate marketing can increase your sales without the need for an ‘up front’ advertising fee. You only pay a commission when you make a sale or generate a specific lead through a partner website
  • Turn other successful websites into your online sales force.
    All over the world, there are highly motivated, creative and determined web entrepreneurs who want to sell your products and services. As owners of successful websites, they already have a wide customer base and often have innovative and highly effective ways of generating sales. And for just a small commission per sale, they will use their influential websites and marketing skills to sell your products and services
  • Tap into new markets
    While your own website may target specific customers, your affiliate websites may appeal to a wider audience. So your affiliates may be able to generate increased sales both to your usual type of customer and to new, previously unexplored markets
  • Improve the rankings of your website
    The websites that link to your website can have an effect on your website’s ranking in the leading search engines. The more highly ranked and relevant sites you have linking to your website, the better your chances of a high ranking. With affiliate marketing, you can have a wide range of relevant websites selling on your behalf and linking to your website. So your partner websites will be generating sales for you as well as helping your web site attract more of its own visitors in Google.

At Eventure, we know what it takes to design, implement and maintain a highly successful affiliate marketing campaign. With a proven track record and an in-house team of marketing experts at our disposal, we can provide everything your business needs to increase sales through affiliate marketing:

  • Connections to a wide range of successful affiliates
  • Direct affiliate management
  • Affiliate broadcast design
  • Creation and distribution
  • Banner design
  • Landing page creation
  • On-going communication with affiliates and associated networks
  • Reporting
  • Targeting and completion of sales through affiliates

If you are looking to increase online sales and awareness of your business without making ‘up front’ investments in advertising, contact us now for more information on our affiliate marketing management service.


Analytics And Reporting

For your business to fulfil its online potential on an ongoing basis, you need to understand the requirements and behaviour of the visitors to your website.

If you know who is visiting your website, what pages they use, how long they spend on your site, and what keywords and phrases they search for, you can tailor your pages to their needs. This will help your website’s rankings and will also provide a more satisfying user experience, all of which contribute to higher numbers of visitors and a significant increase in sales leads.

With the Eventure Analytics and Reporting service, our expert online marketing team will help you to obtain vital information about your website and use it to further grow your online sales. Using Google Analytics, we will provide highly detailed information about your customers and help you to:

  • Understand your website traffic
  • Use information about your visitors to your advantage
  • Tailor your website and marketing campaigns to meet the needs of your visitors
  • Attract more visitors to your website
  • Increase your online sales and leads.

Having worked with Google Analytics for some time now, our marketing experts are convinced that it is by far the best facility for obtaining website visitor statistics.

Not only will it provide information about your visitors, including details of their behaviour on your website, but it also allows us to show you exactly how our marketing practices are directing more visitors to your site each month.

If you want your website to deliver increased sales and sales leads on an on-going basis, contact us now for more information on our Analytics and Reporting service.


Banner Advertising

Many popular websites run banner advertising schemes that can promote your business to a large audience. In most cases, your banner is displayed in rotation on their website and you pay a fee for every 1000 rotations.

Used effectively, banner advertising can create many new and varied sales opportunities and can also increase awareness of your products and services.

With the Eventure banner advertising service, you can be sure that your campaign is in safe hands.

With a proven track record of success in the Internet marketing industry, our team can design, implement, and manage every aspect of your banner advertising campaign, including:

  • Banner design – we can create a promotional banner that appeals to your target market, communicates your message effectively, complements your corporate brand, and encourages web users to visit your website and invest in your products and services
  • Banner placement – we can organise and manage your banner rotations on leading websites including Digg, Yahoo, Facebook and Google
  • Fee negotiation – thanks to our contacts in the industry, we can often negotiate more favourable payment terms for your business. In many cases, we can even arrange pay-per-click terms for your business, so that you only pay a fee when a web user selects your banner. That way, you only pay for advertising that results in active interest in your business

With the Eventure Banner Advertising service, you really can advertise on popular websites without breaking the bank. For more information, contact us now.


Email Marketing

Regular email marketing to customers is fast becoming the most powerful way to actively drive sales for any online retail business. With the right campaign strategy, broadcasting and analysis you can make every message deliver significant interest and direct sales for your buisness.

We have been assisting our clients to achieve a maximum return via email broadcasting for many years and our campaigns really stand out from the crowd.


Our professional team have many years of experience and know how to pitch the right message to deliver impact based on your specifications of products, key messages and promotions.

We use the latest software technology and service to implement and deliver the messages, meeting all key technical requirements to achieve maximum open rates and visibility.

Once your campaigns have been sent we can clearly see the return based on indepth analysis of how they are received by your database. We can see stats on how many people open each email, how many click and also track direct sales conversions from specific clicks with every broadcast.

Social Marketing

In the past few years, social networking websites such as MySpace,, StumbleUpon, Facebook and YouTube have grown substantially in popularity. In fact, they are now so popular, that we’d stake a bet that if you don’t own a MySpace or Facebook profile, you certainly know someone that does. But did you realise that these social networking sites can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your business?

With a creative, well planned marketing strategy, your business can use the most popular social networking sites to:

  • Create excitement about your products and services
  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Generate strong word-of-mouth advertising
  • Maintain interest in your business
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Achieve increased sales!

But to realise the full potential of social networking promotions, you need to understand the intricacies of how the social networks function, and you’ll also need a strong marketing plan and innovative ideas that will attract attention and get people talking about your business. That’s where we can help.

The Eventure marketing team recognised the advertising potential of social networks long before they reached their current levels of popularity. Having worked with the leading social networking websites for several years, we are experienced social network advertising experts who:

  • Understand how the social networks function
  • Have proven strategies for marketing in social networks
  • Can develop creative and memorable promotions that get people talking about your products and services.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Increase online sales quickly with pay per click marketing

Competition for high ranking web pages is fierce, especially in industries where there are many service or product providers. The search engines have not missed this opportunity to generate revenue and most now offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, which allows your business to have a listing that appears in a sponsored advertisers section at the top of a results page. Providing a fast means of getting your website on page 1 of results pages, PPC can deliver immediate results, but there is a cost – each time a web user clicks on your PPC advertisement, you have to pay a fee.

Used carefully, PPC can deliver exceptional value as it can:

  • Increase the number of visitors to your website
  • Get your website listed on page 1 of search engine results extremely quickly
  • Generate more sales for your business.

But if you do not plan your PPC advertising campaign carefully, the returns on your Internet marketing may be negligible. Why? Because a high volume of visitors does not necessarily mean an increase in sales. To make effective use of PPC, you need an effective strategy that can generate more traffic and sales. That’s where Eventure can help.

Our team of Google Certified Professionals have a fantastic record of success and are renowned for managing PPC campaigns that generate significant increases in sales. Having designed, developed, and delivered websites, e-learning, and Internet marketing solutions for many years, we have extensive knowledge of what works online and can:

  • Develop a PPC advertising strategy that is designed for the needs of your business
  • Implement your PPC advertising so that it focused on your target market
  • Ensure your PPC advertising delivers an increase in sales, not just an increase in visits.

Ideally, we would aim to implement your PPC advertising strategy alongside a longer-term strategy for organic search results. Because the real advantage of PPC is that it provides fast results – in the medium to long term, organic SEO will deliver a page 1 ranking, high volume of traffic, and increased sales without the need for paid advertising. With an in-house team of highly experienced Internet design, development and marketing specialists, we are perfectly placed to help your website fulfil its earning potential.

If you want the maximum return on your investment in Internet marketing, both in the short-term with PPC advertising and in the medium to long term with organic SEO, contact us now.

Viral Advertising

Like social networking, viral games have quickly developed into useful tools for promoting your business. Built in Flash, viral games are small, entertaining games that engage web users and actively promote your products, services and business brand.

Having developed numerous viral games, the Eventure marketing and development teams know how to use viral games to promote your business effectively. The key is to create games that:

  • Target your intended audience
  • Appeal to the age demographic of your audience
  • Are innovative, exciting, and most importantly, fun to play
  • Increase awareness of your products and services
  • Generate sales leads by encouraging gamers to visit your website.

If you’re sceptical about the marketing power of viral games, consider this: when we launched our latest viral game, Click Maze, it was played over 3 MILLION times in its first week! So with our Viral Advertising service, you could see a significant increase in sales opportunities in as little as 7 days.

Our average annual client growth is exceptional and needs to be demonstrated to be believed. Contact Us for a full demonstration of real results So for a free review of where you are, and a no obligation quote for where you could be call us on 0845 519 7503 or drop us a mail and we’ll be in touch.