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History & Today

Think back to 1999, Echo Bay has just renamed itself to eBay, Google was celebrating its first birthday and to Facebook someone meant you’d just chucked a best seller at their head:/

It was also the year a group of nerds just north of Nottingham got together to form Eventure, an Internet solutions business that could supply everything needed for online success.

We have learned much and continue to do so, and plenty has changed since then. Technology has certainly moved on but innovation, smart design and first class marketing never go out of fashion. So we remain a thriving business working in partnership with clients who we truly care about.

Eventure’s client base has always been varied and we have developed projects for sole traders to multinational corporations and built websites, software and instigated strategies for numerous business and consumer services and retailed products online for everything from thermal underwear to Ducati motorcycles.

Our approach to each project follows the same structure and processes and uses the same skills that have proved extremely successful time and time again. Our solutions have helped take our clients from new startups to market leaders in each of their sectors, developing marketing strategies and technically excellent best in class websites with exceptional organic reach has achieved multimillion turnovers from scratch and our experience with business processes and efficiency has meant that throughout the growth we have developed the systems needed to maintain the margins and the vital customer services levels required to succeed in today’s competitive online environment.

Why you should work with us today?

As a learning organisation, and in our sector, any online services supplier that is not constantly learning and striving to keep ahead on the technology and digital marketing fronts is not going to be around for long, we pride ourselves on constantly improving our technologies and build strategies, developing new marketing and communication techniques and ensuring every website and ecommerce we build is the best in its class.

Our experience and many high growth successes across the most competitive market sectors means we can confidently pit our solutions against your competitor’s sites and dominate in usability, communication, reach, rankings and conversions.

As a full service company we keep the full range of services and access to advice available for all elements of online development. Our team includes design, development and digital marketing specialists all with experience of small and large businesses and how to develop the former to the latter.

We have relationships with all the major and minor services you will need to embrace to become a real national or international player, from the affiliate networks to advertising networks, and although not an agency as we produce and service all your needs within our own company, we do utilise some vital third party marketing services for exceptional product reach.

Our and your advantage?

As a bespoke custom development company we are not tied into a single shared or any third party applications, your desktop website and mobile presence and business processes, in fact your whole solution is developed exactly to your products or services and business needs, this makes your offering exactly as desired for your customers and your management as simple as possible.

This also means your website structure, communication and information is unique to you and your brand and can be optimised and adjusted to the exact requirements of the major search engines, easily, on an ongoing basis.  We refer to this service as technical marketing, an ongoing service that ensures your websites are constantly technically perfect to changing search engine requirements.

Digital marketing in-house also gives unique advantages, as opposed to using a separate SEO company with a design or development company, this is not just relevant to your marketing team supporting digital promotions and working hand in hand with design and development to improve your website consistently, but also in the technical marketing arena, the way your website is built, the way it performs technically with speed and compatibility is becoming more and more important to your rankings and the digital marketing experts need to ensure your designers and developers are ticking all the right boxes. We believe that over 70% of your organic success is tied to the way your website is built and maintained.

Ultimately, what we do is not a secret, many agencies build good solid websites, but we create unique, high quality web presences and we work on the sites with our clients to ensure we are a little more advanced technically, a little more unique, our code is a little better optimised, a little faster, our designs a little more pleasing, our user experience a little simpler, our communication a little clearer, each little adding to a better converting, better ranking solution. It’s the little that our team gives extra that makes all the difference.


We know that your success means our success. Only businesses that receive results continue to invest and increase investment into their online strategies. This reality is integral to our businesses culture and it will leave you feeling confident that our team is doing everything in their power to ensure the very best results and return on investment possible.

It’s more than the fact our developers, designers and marketing specialists take great care and work very hard in everything they do to protect your brand and support the growth of your business.

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