Why an E venture?

Why choose Eventure for your business?

We suspect you are here researching ecommerce for one of two reasons, the first being you are new to the strategy and are trying to get a clear idea of what is available and who can help your business, the second is that you are currently already trading online, but are disappointed with the results and ultimately your chosen partner.

As a new subscriber to ecommerce, read on and don’t forget to check out our about us page, here and below we will tell you why you should choose Eventure. You will need a partner for your ecommerce strategy to stand any chance of getting to your real potential, like any business your ecommerce will need constant support and development to achieve real results, at Eventure we do not just build you a website, we work with you, hand in hand to ensure we are always one step ahead.

As a trading ecommerce business, you will already have experienced the potential of trading online, but likely feel your current partner may not be able to take your business to the next level, or perhaps you have been extremely disappointed so far, the build it and they will come line is simply not true, we build it and then the work starts in earnest.

It’s at this stage where businesses need the most support and here is where Eventure excels. We will ensure your transition from your previous partner to ourselves is swift and efficient and we will ensure all doubts about any damaging effects of transferring or upgrading your solution are countered and your mind put to rest. We know many businesses are nervous about damaging their brand in the transfer and stay put for the wrong reasons.

Our support approach for both small and large businesses reflects the same strategies that have proven successful time and time again. If large enough to have a Marketing Manager or Director you will receive an experienced designer and developer on your account who will work with you on a daily basis and your marketing team will gain access and support from our in-house marketing experts on demand. Smaller companies receive the same support team and marketing access but may require even more support at an Account Director level.

Simply, we understand that your success is our success, our clients reinvest in their ecommerce strategies based on results and real potential, no results equates to no investment, our team understands that the till ringing is the simplest gauge of success and the only way to guarantee further investment in your eventure ecommerce and marketing team.

Ecommerce Strategy

Having the right strategy is at the heart of any successful ecommerce, and preparation is the key.

Establishing the right strategy for your online business is vital, as with any building project, you will need the right blueprint for your ecommerce platform.

Our approach to your ecommerce build is different to most companies, our designers and developers do not get involved until our marketing team has a clear and thorough understanding of your product range and target market.

Detailed research will be undertaken into the primary product ranges, competitors and customers both existing and potential, a full navigation structure and product display system is then devised and researched thoroughly to ensure the terminology and targeting is phrase specific to your target market, even the highest potential click through rates per terminology and potential content success rates are analysed to ensure we get the very best user experience and the highest possible conversion rates.

Also, and just as vital, our initial research into the structure and navigation of the website not only future proofs the project but also enables our to guarantee the best possible results from the organic traffic available from the search engines, nothing is guessed and prepared targeting gives exact phrase matches, content guides, and let’s not forget that the designers can then design the site for the user experience with all the information they need supplied before design starts, you would be surprised how many web companies do this backwards and design a website without first thoroughly understanding the content and navigation.

Once the research and your goals have been outlined along with the clear initial specification for the design, development and marketing teams, your new digital project will then be scheduled for production.

At the end of this process you will be confident that we have a clear understanding of your business, the ecommerce site and marketing strategies and how we will fulfil the goals that have been set for your business.


True Multi Channel E-Commerce

Compatibility and reach, constantly improved, maintained and expanded.

Our bespoke e-commerce sites are powerful selling machines designed to grow and adapt along with your business, your sales platform is geared up from day one for growth and reach.

There are zero limitations as to what is possible – it’s your business done your way. But there are a few things that make an Eventure E-Commerce site the lynchpin of successful businesses.

Full Compatibility

True multi-channel compatibility. Desktops, Mobiles, in store touch screen solutions, EPOS integrations. There are no limitations to the potential compatibility of your solution.

360° Stock Management

Adding stock should be easy – so our intuitive interfaces work with unlimited amounts of products making them appear in all the right places on your site. And whilst it’s busy selling, packing information is being sent to your distribution teams, your stock levels are being updated and your accounts and invoicing are all synced. Easy peasy.

SEO as Standard

We’ve a tonne of experience in SEO and we hardwire all that know how into all our e-commerce solutions. That’s a lot of nerdy stuff under the bonnet to boost your prominence on search engines and bring in the sales

1 Click Integrations

Sell on eBay and Amazon with Eventure 1 Click. A seamless integration that saves you time and money by placing all of your products into the world’s largest marketplaces. Plus, it’s all controlled from your central Admin so you don’t need to do anything other than ship the products.

Courier Integrations

As soon as you’ve packed your products, we’ll inform your couriers to come pick it up and calculate shipping costs automatically.

Sales and Promotions

Vouchers, sales and promotional banners are all a cinch with a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips.


Know what is selling and when it’s selling. Keep an eye on the bottom line and plan ahead to avoid running out of stock.

Epos Integrations

Apparently, people shop offline too. So our multi-channel e-commerce solutions integrate with off the shelf or custom EPOS solutions perfectly to keep your website synced with every other aspect of your business.

Simply put Eventure’s Multi-Channel e-commerce gives maximum compatibility for your browsers viewing choice and maximum reach for your products all with minimum administration and staffing requirements for you!

As a serious, no nonsense e-commerce agency, our sites are custom built for you to have maximum compatibility for your browsers and reach a huge audience, all allowing you to work smarter, not harder!

From fully integrating your systems with internationally recognised platforms such as Amazon and Ebay, through to reaching out to the army of bloggers and content creators on the web, our multi-channel approach adapts as your business grows. Whether you are a start-up or an already recognised national brand, we help your business sell more online.

Multi-Channel E-Commerce puts your website at the center of a world wide web of advertising, marketing and distribution opportunities and delivers all the information you need to take control of your business.

Our Ecommerce Platform

Standard versions are suitable and affordable for Small businesses and Large Retailer ERP Enterprise Solutions are available with dedicated teams. Our platforms and technologies are future proof and adapt to your business needs and you own the source code and IP giving you full value and ownership of your business ecommerce and management system.

With many years of developing profitable ecommerce websites across many different industries, we have learnt a lot about what is required to trade profitably online.

We will include every essential feature needed to achieve serious sales results and easily manage your business online from editing dynamic landing pages to in-depth stock and intelligent sales reporting.

Essential mainstream capability

We operate a Software as a Service (SaaS) model with varying degrees of ongoing support depending on the exact requirements of your business.

Central focus is always to maximise ecommerce conversion rates by turning more visitors into buyers

Our applications support a huge catalogue of products with customised navigation over departments, brands and categories or however best suits your customer base.

From standard online only and multi site retailers to our full ERP functionality in our enterprise suite including: Ecommerce, CRM, Merchandising, Stock, Distribution, Marketing, Warehousing and much more.

  • Automated emails, alerts and daily notifications
  • Detailed reporting suite on all aspects of business performance, stock and process
  • Full moderation allowing large inter department management across the whole system
  • Multi-currency support for international ecommerce
  • Web and Social Media integration and support
  • Fully scalable ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft SQL software architecture built to latest standards
  • 24/7 system wide monitoring and alerts
  • Daily backups taken in multiple locations, fail safe SLA
  • Multiple payment gateway providers offering redundancy as required

Aftercare and Support

We are with you all the way.

Our approach here is what makes us special, you and our team have now spent many months developing your new ecommerce system, and we have a fantastic application with beautiful design and communication that is in reality not just your ecommerce but now your new business management software. It manages your stock, your product range and your products extended reach to Amazon, Ebay, Play etc, your customer communication and support and it can be viewed on all browsers by all types of computer, tablet or mobile phone and it’s reporting on everything to do with your business in real time. That’s all fantastic, but now the real work starts!

We have worked across many sectors and with many product ranges and like any business your online side needs TLC and as much commitment, if not more than your traditional side.

We understand this and also exactly what will now be required for your team to increase its market share and customer loyalty and how your business will need to prepare and expand to cope with the increases in turnover to cater for the ever vital customer satisfaction and increase those profits, we shall work with you daily to ensure these targets are set and shattered.

Our Directors will work with you and advise on your operations and processes, support on infrastructure decisions and long term requirements for your expected growth.

Our creative marketing team will work with you and advise on strategy and creative and share our experiences across all the marketing channels we have exploited and learned to manipulate for effective results over the last 14 years.

Our designers will work with you and the creative team to ensure we are constantly improving the browsers experience and site communication and in doing so utilising split A/B testing to get the best conversion rates possible.

Our technical marketing team will work with you and ensure that the site is maintaining compatibility with all browser types and viewing mediums as the requirements change and is as SEO friendly as is possible to be, adjusting the application to ensure it is as favoured as possible by Google and other engines and that the marketing feeds are as compatible as possible, that we are keeping ahead of the changing Ebay and Amazon requirements for the integrated applications, oh and also that we have the leanest code, most optimised queries and fastest performing sites with the highest Google ratings possible.

We hope you are beginning to understand our approach and that the primary term is “We will work with you” we do not build websites then cease to support or help the client develop their business, we have never understood this approach, it’s very simple, if our clients make money, we make money.

We will also continue to develop new technologies, features and functionality that you will wish to consider for your site and platform and are always introducing and trialling new marketing channels.

Our average annual client growth is exceptional and needs to be demonstrated to be believed. So for a demonstration of real results and a review of where you are and where you could be give us a call.