5 Email Marketing Tips That Will Help Boost Sales

Email Marketing Tips

Are your email marketing campaigns working?

Whether you have recently delved into the world of email marketing, or perhaps you’re struggling to see the result of your efforts, we have a couple of tips just for you!

Get Into The Mind Of Your Audience

If you are looking to conduct a successful email marketing campaign, you first need to begin at the very start. The audience. It can be easy to ‘shrug off’ this tip, thinking ‘of course I know my target audience’, but how well do you really understand your audience?

The messages that you send to your audience needs to be relevant to their interests, and the only way to absolutely nail this is by having a thorough understanding of your target audience.

Each audience member within your list is different, and naturally, they will interact with your email content differently.

So, why try and send them the same message?

With this being said, you may be thinking, how can I target my audience both effectively and within a timely manner?

The answer to this is email segmentation.

Segmenting your list into factors based on geographical location, gender, age and buyer persona can really help with increasing those opening rates!  

Be Consistent

Like those gym buffs keep reminding us; consistency is key.

Finding the perfect balance between being labelled a ‘spammer’ and just keeping your audience up to date with the ‘good stuff’ can be a bit of a grey area. However, it is really important to keep consistent with both the volume and quality of the emails. After all, you want to nurture and grow your relationship with your customers. That way they will always be keeping an eye out for your latest offers and products!

If your email marketing plan currently balances on an ‘ad-hoc’, fire in the dark kind of schedule, then this could be the reason that you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for!

Keep Emails To The Point

We have all been in that compromising situation where we have had so many new products land that we almost compile a catalogue of email contenders. Against popular belief, cramming in all those products won’t help to increase sales, but instead, increase your number of unsubscribes!

It’s true. Customers just don’t have the time or patience to browse through you’re beautifully presented portfolio. So, instead of poring hours into a beautiful catalogue, switch up your technique for something a little more simplistic.

The combination of white space and clear to-the-point messaging is the best technique for those customers skimming through your content on their lunch break!

Split Test Your Emails

If you really want to test the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign, then you need to unlock the holy grail of A/B testing. A/B testing allows you to test one approach against another to see which was most effective. This method allows you to take the guesswork out of your email marketing and leaves you with a definitive result.

It may mean that you need to spend a little extra time building those campaigns, but the benefits are certainly worth it.

A/B Testing benefits:

  1. You will see your open rates increase when you find the best subject line.
  2. A boost in click-through rates will occur when you test and change your email content.
  3. You gain a better understanding of what your customer actually wants!

Repeat Your Successful Campaigns

If it feels like you’re forever trying different techniques, you may be accidentally overlooking your successful campaigns. Be sure to harvest the fruits of your labour by repeating those campaigns that have proven to be successful.

Just because it worked the once, it doesn’t mean that you can’t repeat that technique or style again. Take some time to evaluate your campaigns – you may uncover what’s really working!