Eventure Welcomes Learning With Games

Eventure Internet are proud to annouce their latest launch – Learning with Games.

Founded in 2010 by an Assistant Head teacher who thought students could learn much better with more motivation, entertaining methods and engaging resources while learning.

In depth research and trials followed and the conclusion reached was that there was nothing available that ticked all the boxes currently offered to the students and many continued to struggle with their homework.

As a result of the research and findings Arcadu was born.

Creator Stephen Astley feels this should be widely available to all pupils from primary and secondary schools.

Parents and teachers alike appreciate how frustrating it is to see a child struggling at school. There are many obstacles and causes. It can be physical, behavioural, psychological or just circumstances in the child’s life that can trigger  difficulties in learning.

Leaving in a society where both parents have to go to work, the children may feel a bit left out due to the lack of help with homework in some households. This can be stressful to both the child and parents not knowing what to do.

Arcadu does just that. It enables schools to engage, inform and involve parents in their child’s learning through monthly reports. Your children will find all range of subjects including Maths, Spanish, Design and Technology, Geography and many more.

In fact there are other 7000 questions.  Arcadu has also a calendar system which allows students to add, edit, and remove tasks from their calendar, as each arcade challenge states the dates they are set and are due to enable the students to meet deadlines. The monthly reports enable schools to inform and engage parents allowing them to develop partnerships.

With its new website on board, Eventure Internet has gone a long way with design and development. We are sure this will be a great success throughout the UK for Learning with games as well as for Eventure.