Google PPC Remarketing

First impressions count in life and online and it is very rare to have the opportunity to make a second impression, especially in the world of business. Google Remarketing is an online tool that gives you that chance and may just turn your online business around and it can all be done easily via the AdWords pay per click marketing platform.

According to Google online businesses could be looking at a figure as high as 97% of new visitors that do not successfully convert during their first visit to a website. There are many reasons that this could happen including price issues, website design, a simple ‘wrong click’ or even a distraction part way through purchasing that caused the user to leave the site.

Targeting With Remarketing

Available to all PPC advertisers via the ‘Audiences’ tab within Google AdWords the retargeting feature allows advertisers to create targeted messages and reach previous site visitors with relevant messages such as discounts, free delivery or even a handbag to match the shoes they bought last week, the opportunities are endless.

By leaving a cookie on the user’s computer minutes, hours, days or even weeks later when that same user is browsing the web, and is active on a website that is part of the Google Display network, a specific PPC advert can be displayed to them encouraging them to return to your website and convert.

Flexible Marketing For Everyone

This tool is not just for retailers and it isn’t just to capture those users who didn’t convert. It offers an ideal platform for cross and up-selling products and services for ecommerce websites as well as increasing brand awareness with all existing converted customers. It doesn’t matter if you need to increase sales , registrations or awareness of a brand, remarketing can be a strategic component of every type of campaign. As the advertiser you decide what you want to market, who to market to and what incentive, if any, you are going to offer.

Popular Remarketing Targets

Because it is so flexible and allows the use of all ad types including banners the Google Remarketing tool really can help you reach an amazingly wide range of site visitors. Some of the most popular remarketing lists to get you started include:

Non Convertors – target the users who browsed your site but didn’t buy, register or contact you.

Abandoned Baskets – people often put things in their basket and then leave the site, remind them that they were going to buy and get them to come back and complete the sale by offering incentives.

Converted Users – This list is more than likely already in your AdWords account as the conversion tracker. Use this to target people who have bought from your site and up-sell and cross sell additional products or services to them that you know they need but they just haven’t realised it!

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