How to Build a Website that will Convert Users to Customers

Internet marketing should not begin with the launch of your website but in the design of your site. A good site is not just about creating a good looking site but rather about turning visitors into paying customers.
To maximise the success of your website you should bear in mind key elements of search engine marketing that you should be considered in the design of your site

Easy to navigate
One of the most important parts of site design is making the site easy and practical to use. It should be obvious how to navigate the site. On an e-commerce website it should be obvious how to add to basket and go through the checkout, using these parts of the site should be self-explanatory, if you need to write instructions on how to navigate the site, then it’s too complicated.
A site should have its navigation designed based on search terms, there is no point putting your product under a unique department if nobody knows how to navigate to it or can find it

Keep the customer informed.
It needs to be clear to the customer if something is out of stock or unavailable, delivery charges should be clear and obvious and not hidden until after you’ve gone all the way through the checkout. If there must be a transaction fee or the delivery is £5 extra if you live in the isle of Man state it on your delivery page. When the orders are dispatched send emails to the customer telling them the progress of the their order.

Build Trust
A customer needs to feel that they are dealing with a professional company, clearly marked telephone numbers that are manned, a real trading address and a professional look to the site with companies’ house and vat numbers displayed will let customers know you are a real established business. Customers who shop online tend to feel more inclined to buy if they know there is someone at the end of a phone. Customers like to use the card they want to so be prepared to offer as many payment methods as you can to suit them. This is where using a payment gateway provider can be useful

Focus on what is unique to you.
You may be selling a product that is available on many websites or that is unique to you but whatever makes the product unique should be your focus and theme of your website. A good web design agency should talk to you in depth about your site content and what you like and lead you down the right design path for you. They should focus on what is unique to you and creating a site based on its users, good design is not just the thing that wins design awards, in terms of a converting website users it’s about creating a site that is practical honest and trustworthy.