Making Facebook Your Centre Of Operations

Thanks to a few revolutionary apps, your Facebook can be turned from a mere part of your marketing operations to the hub of all your content, linked with all your other social media platforms. And best of all, if you choose to, you can mix and match the best apps together to create a style that suits your company best. In fact, you can turn your Facebook page into a strengthened marketing platform entirely free of charge.


Pagemodo, previously known as fanbuilders, was founded in 2010 as a tool for designing fan pages on Facebook. It now incorporates a number of other useful features which in some ways make it essential to any business interested in expanding their social media presence.

Their main feature is the ability to add custom tabs to your page, from a plethora of different templates and designs. This allows you to place photographs, videos, and information about your business on to a tab, or a number of different tabs.

In many ways, it can perform the functions of an actual website, mostly apart from ecommerce. The ease of management is strikingly apparent, especially so for small business, making a Facebook page a hidden gem. An effective social marketing strategy will draw customers to your page where they can explore what you have to offer.

There’s also the option to create and set your posts for the week, much as you can with Tweetdeck for Twitter. This allows you to put in as little or as much time as you want into your marketing, and lets the apps do the rest.

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However, the free version can be quite limiting in some aspects, so we recommend trying out a few others, too.


Woobox is slightly less feature-laden than Pagemodo, albeit easier to use. Woobox was also founded in 2010 as a way to engage and grow Facebook fanbases through apps. It costs to use features such as coupons and competitions, but the most relevant features are free of charge.

It provides the option of linking to other social media platforms, or even more interestingly, integrating them directly into your Facebook page. There are a number of platforms that offer this option, the most notable being Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube.

Although you are unable to update the content of your apps (like posting a tweet) directly from Facebook, it does a great job of providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for visitors, who are able to browse your entire social media following from one page.

It’s easy to see how useful these apps can be. But what else does Facebook have to offer?


Tabpress is slightly different from the usual tab applications because it allows users to add their own custom code into the app for ultimate flexibility. Although this requires some knowledge of coding, it also means you can get away from the template feel of many other apps out there.


FaceItPages is squarely aimed at businesses, which has its pros and cons. It has a DIY approach, and thus offers more flexibility than many tab applications, but involves going through a design wizard to set up all your tabs. Importantly, it also integrates Google analytics, so you can track how effective your Facebook marketing strategies are.

The Eventure approa

Here at Eventure we understand the importance of integrating social platforms together, and wherever possible have at least one tab on every Facebook page linked to another user base.

We also understand that a good social marketing strategy is at the core of any following. At the heart of every good Facebook page is great content which keeps users coming back. You can have the best page in the world with a multitude of different tabs, stuffed with information and media, but without any visitors this is relatively pointless. We try and bring both together to give our clients the best chance possible of achieving success.