What Contributes To Your Google Ranking And How To Do Better?

Google Keyboard Impression

We all know that Google ranking can really affect your websites performance, 31% of clicks goes to the first search result and 71% goes to the first page. So how do we get to the first page? This is a highly competitive area and there is a lot google factor in to the search rankings, but we investigate what you need to do to improve your standings.


Your paid ad rank relies on 2 main variables your Quality Score and Ad Bid. Your Quality score is based on a number of things that google ranks. Mainly your ad’s relevance to the keywords, the expected click trough rate of your ad in that search, and your ad’s landing page experience.


To help your search rank you need to focus on getting your site SEO Optimized.

Track your site in google search console or a program like Sem Rush. This will show you how search engines see your site. You will be able to view all of your crawl errors and penalties, allowing you to find and fix them. This will also be vital to tracking your improvements.

Improve your website’s performance and speed. There are many tools online that allow you to analyse the speed for your site. To make your site quicker you need to make it less ‘heavy’ to load. Make sure to compress all images and optimise content. Google will penalise pages they cant get to load.

Make sure your site is dynamic and mobile friendly. Again this is a quality that google favours, and they will actively reduce the score of non-mobile friendly sites.

Google Search Console integration. Having your site linked to Google Webmasters Tools is said to help with your sites indexing. Even if that’s not the case, the tool provides valuable data you can use to optimize your site better.

Make sure you’re ranking for the right keywords. Dont be afraid to get more specific in your keywords. It is easy to think getting more impressions on wider range keywords is better but the higher your bounce rate will be too. You want to show your ads to people who want your product so being more specific will help them find you.

Finally make sure when your ad does come up in the search result that it says the right things, be sure to include your branding and keywords to maximise clicks.