5 Black Friday Marketing Tips To Try This Year

Although the Christmas haul can start as early as late September, for many shoppers Black Friday officially kick-starts the holiday season as they scout the web for the hottest discounts and offers.

With Black Friday just around the corner, let’s take a look a 5 top tips that will help you get your discounts noticed, and ultimately increase sales!

Kick Start Your Black Friday Event With Email Marketing

You’ve got some great discounts lined up and perhaps even some exclusive discount codes on standby, so now what?

If you’re ready to shout about your jaw-dropping Black Friday discounts, email marketing really is your ‘bread and butter’ when it comes to reaching your customers. But preparation is essential, and timing is vital.

Planning early and getting your discounts seen before the influx of Black Friday noise is key.

Avoid the Black Friday flooding by preparing your customers for your discounts in advance.

Bonus Tips

  • A/B test your subject lines and make them catchy…nobody wants to open a boring email!
  • Send your email out at an optimum time – don’t get buried under the noise.
  • Get your audience prepared for your discounts. Sending them a sneak peek of your Black Friday deals is a great way to avoid them missing the deals on the day!

Create A Year-Round Dedicated Black Friday Landing Page

Ranking well doesn’t happen overnight and, it does involve a little leg work on your end.

Whether you have been creating bespoke landing pages a week before the event, or simply not creating them at all, the likelihood of your site ranking well on the ‘big day’ is unlikely.

Black Friday may only come once a year, but your landing page is for life.

If you have been erasing your Black Friday landing pages after the event has finished, you have also been waving goodbye to all that hard SEO work too. Essentially, you have been removing all your hard work before it’s really had much time to make a difference.

Bonus Tips

  • Your landing page should be appealing and seamless on EVERY device. A slow landing page can result in potential customers not returning to your website when Black Friday arrives.
  • Make your landing page timeless. Customers should be able to access your landing page no matter what time of the year.
  • Consider adding a sign-up feature to your landing page. Capturing audiences that are genuinely interested is a great way to build your audience base and increase sales.

Combine Your Efforts Across All Channels

Why only use one or two tools in your toolbox when you have a whole workshop at your fingertips?

A successful Black Friday Campaign requires careful planning and more importantly, a strategy that you can implement. If you’re looking for results, it’s best practice to ditch the ‘it will be alright on the night’ approach as soon as possible and start planning.

Once you have a firm plan in hand, now is the time to start considering all your available channels. Depending on your available budget boosting on social media or running focused AdWords campaigns can help increase your overall reach.

Increase Urgency With A Countdown Timer

It’s Black Friday, and you want to see those sales start to tally up in your admin quickly. But customers can be incredibly indecisive. We’ve all filled a shopping basket on payday, to abandon it moments later because we’ve received a discount code from a competitor, right?

By adding a simple countdown timer you can greatly reduce the length of time it takes for a customer to make a purchasing decision.

Bonus Tips

  • The countdown timer should include the time and date of the promotions expiry date.
  • Add your countdown timer to all channels including your website (social media, email campaigns and products)

Extend Your Sale Through To Cyber Monday

With customers flocking for the ‘limited time only’ deals just before the festive period, sales have undoubtedly ‘sky-rocketed’ for retailers taking part in the event. In recent years, the Black Friday sales event has not simply been limited to Friday itself. With many retailers getting ahead start on the competition days before, businesses are cashing in through to Cyber Monday.

If you’re looking to increase sales this Black Friday, why not extend your promotion through the weekend to Cyber Monday?