How To: Re-Grow Your Email Marketing Post-GDPR

I know were all sick of hearing about it, we’ve seen all of the jokes, complied with all the new rules, but we have to face up to it, even the biggest email lists were affected by GDPR. So how do we start to re-grow email lists with the new rules in place?

The first step is to look at the data and what it means, it’s probably not as bad as you feared.

Then Rethink your marketing strategies. If you lost lots of subscribers it could mean the emails you’ve been sending out recently were not up to scratch. Key questions to investigate –  how often you’re sending emails, do you send too often or infrequently? Subscribers want to hear from you but won’t open your emails if you constantly contacting them. Is the content of your emails was worth your subscriber opening? Your subject lines need to be worth opening to the consumer. Think about what your emails offer them and what is going to keep them subscribed in the future, is it amazing offers or creative content? Keep your audience hooked. People have unsubscribed because your content was no longer interesting or relevant to them.

Also think about what you promise subscribers when they sign up. You need to tell people what to expect from your emails and then deliver it. If you get people to sign up by saying ‘receive exclusive offers by being part of our mailing list’ and they don’t receive any offers or promotions they’re going to unsubscribe!
Think about value to customers, and not just using emails as a way to push sales. Emails are a key part of pushing sales, however, you need to keep your customers interested with value and information and they’ll look forward to receiving your next email, but just sell to them and they’ll unsubscribe.
There are a thousand reasons people chose to unsubscribe during GDPR and you need to make sure you learn from this for your email marketing for the future.

Finally losing subscribers can be a good thing, remember its quality over quantity. People who unsubscribed from your emails were not interested in your brand and what you have to offer. Yet the people who chose to stay are going to be more engaged with your content. Your open and click percentages are going to be better for it!