Google Takes Control With Performance Max

Since Google introduced the all-new Performance Max campaign type, we admit we’ve been hesitant to try it.

Why? Because the new campaign type, which will be taking over from Smart Shopping, is very limited in what you can do to optimize and direct the campaign performance.

Essentially we give Google the budget, the assets, the audience and everything it needs and off it goes, self-learning based on your products, your website, your audience and your budget.

It uses all its channels, including the search network, shopping, YouTube and even local.

Reluctantly, we created a Performance Max campaign as a small test for one of our clients and were initially astounded by the results. So much so that we started to test performance Max campaigns for all our clients, taking the reserved and slow approach and slowly building it with a budget and more products.

It’s still early days, but with Performance Max taking over Smart Shopping come September 2022, we wanted to switch sooner rather than later to get data inside the account, with the fallback of our Smart Shopping campaigns still running in the background acting as a safety net.

One of the earliest signals we’ve received from performance Max is that it starts slowly, but the more extended amount of time you give the campaign to run, the more data it builds up and has to be able to make forward-thinking decisions.

Is this the most intelligent AI campaign Google has ever introduced? Possibly, but in reality, we’re in BETA mode. The actual results will be precise after 12 months of Live Performace Max, with millions of accounts worldwide opting to use performance Max so that Google can gather the data it needs to run campaigns effectively.

As we continue to run performance Max campaigns, we’ll keep you updated on our progress and the results over time. But one thing is for sure; Performance Max is here to stay.

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