Introducing Our New Health & Wellbeing CEO

Eventure Internet's New CEO of health and well being

This month we have some pretty exciting news that we are eager to share with you.

It’s not strictly marketing related, or a new website design, but better yet – a new addition to our wonderful team.

Meet our affectionately titled ‘Health and Well-Being CEO’, Thorin.

Thorin recently joined our ranks here in January and is already proving to be a popular addition to the team – so much so, that he has already won employee of the month  – sorry kettle!

Specialising in warm hugs, Thorin believes every day at the Eventure office should be kick-started with a cuddle and a biscuit before delving into your daily emails.

Currently, Thorin operates mostly within the Marketing department, ensuring all team members are offered plenty of hugs during the working day. However, his expertise is often shared throughout both development and design.

Since joining the team here at Eventure, Thorin has shown great dedication to his role and continues to contribute greatly to all departments.

When you next pop by the office, be sure to expect a very warm welcome and a waggy tail!