Eight Online Marketing Essentials

So you’ve got a website but what do you do next to get your site, business, product and service found?

1-      PPC

Paid search, or PPC, is a great place to start to see quick results and to get your site onto the internet. Services such as Google Adwords can be highly effective as a short term tactic to quickly increase the traffic to your website.  Beware though, this form of online advertsing, if done badly, can be very costly. It pays to have an experienced PPC account manager to take over the account if you can afford for that, alternatively do some online training before jumping in!

2-      SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It is vital that your website is visible to your potential internet users meaning it need to be as search engine friendly as possible. Over 75% of users (internet that is), are using a search engine before they make a purchase of goods or services.  As 92% of people never go beyond the second page, your goal should be to be listed on the first 2 if possible of the main search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is something that should be done on a regular basis. Drop it, and your website is gone among the millions of others.

3-      Social Networking

Everyone has heard of Facebook and Twitter and everyone wants to be part of them on a personal level and  for many businesses becoming part of these networks is a great idea as well as it provides an invaluable way to get directly in contact with your potential customers. Beware though Facebook and Twitter don’t work for all businesses and can be time consuming so be sure to set certain times to one side to work on these social networks.

4-      Blogging

Blogs are a great way of sharing thoughts, ideas, and reviews to other visitors. By adding links to those blogs, you will increase chances to be found by search engines. You should consider writing a blog with what your website is about.

5- Surveys

Maybe including a survey onto your website, or as part of an email broadcast, which will allow visitors to interact with your online marketing? If you are not sure what to write about, you could offer topics on relevant subjects, feedback on the services you offer etc…

6-     Email Newsletters

This is a great way to offer special offers, tips, articles etc… You should have a signup facility to offer directly on your website.  It encourages your visitors who are not ready yet to make a purchase to be up to date with your company.

7-      Online Directories

You will, by submitting your site to directories, not only increase your web ranking, but you can also drive the visitors directly to your site if you placed it in the right category.

8-      Free Information

People use the internet mainly for information. By giving free things such as guides, tips, “How to”, article, fact sheet etc… you will allow your visitors to find your website easier.