Search Engine Ranking Bing Versus Google

Search Engine Ranking Bing Versus Google

Google use to enjoy dominance in the world of search engines until Bing came along. Microsoft introduced Bing not as a search engine, but preferring to call their product a “decision engine.”

One significant difference between the two search engines that SEO companies like Eventure Internet concentrate on, is that Google strives to deliver a large amount of relevant information to the searcher. While Bing is designed to feature a more streamline approach and only deliver what it considers pertinent information. A search engine should deliver results without the user searching through old or out of date websites. Domain age matters most to Google because it looks at it as a huge bonus when websites have been around for years and are still active and up-to-date.

Whether using Google, Bing or any other engine, websites are ranked by the search engines and indexed to appear in search results. The website has to be optimized to appear higher in the results. One of the most important elements in search engine optimization is the title tag. Search engines look for title tags based on the keywords and phrases that are used. Anything written in the title tag should be relevant to the content and information found on the website.

The amount of text should not contain overused keywords or redundant phrases in an effort to try and fool the search engine. The content of the website should flow with natural language and not be embedded with artificial content, or false title tags. Search engines look for sites that employ these tactics in order to remove them from their indexes.

Search bots travel around the web looking for links. Every site that you link back to your website is important because good links increase page rank. The more sites that link back to yours, the quicker your site will appear in the search results. Back links and outbound links are good marketing tools because they link back to your website, usually increasing the number of visitors. Page rank is a function of quantity and relevance of the back and outbound links as well as the quality of optimization, and both of these marketing tools greatly increase the organic ranking of a website.

So what does this all mean? As a business owner, you would want all the traffic that you can get whether from Bing, Yahoo or Google and the best way to do this is to optimize it for all the major search sites out there. Simply put, you want your website to achieve the highest possible page ranking. A website optimised by a professional SEO company starts with a concise, short, well-written title tag that tells the search engine exactly what to look for; and it should follow with high quality content with links and back links embedded in the text.