Why It Pays To Market Your Business On Instagram

Facebook still maybe a key player when it comes to a marketing strategy but there’s an app lurking in the background ready to take the throne. No, it’s not new but the days of this app being used by the selfie generation has developed into a game changer for every business. Click download and welcome Instagram into your marketing portfolio.

We’ll be taking a look at:

• Instagram – What is it?
• Why will Instagram be good for your marketing?
• No nonsense advertising
• How Instagram will work for your business

Instagram – What is it?

Instagram sells itself as:

“… a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Transform your everyday photos and videos into works of art and share them with your family and friends.”

Available on all devices, this app is quick and easy to use. Setting up an account can take as little as 60 seconds, with inbuilt features that can access your camera and gallery with a few simple clicks.

Why will Instagram be good for your marketing?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Remember that bit where I mentioned the selfie generation? A picture of a celebrity holding a product, a blogger snapping an outfit, an image of some new stock; these picture have at least one thing in common, they are likeable. Visual marketing is something that people will never lose interest in, images and videos are instant and can provoke emotions far quicker than words.

Here is a good example how the same post can have two very different results when uploaded to Instagram and Facebook.

Cloud 9 Social Instagram v. Facebook

Case A is Instagram and B is Facebook, there are many differences between the two posts including one displaying text below and the other above. Instagram has received the better social result in this example, you can clearly see what the picture is of and the caption polishes off the post nicely with a very soft selling message. The exact same post is used on Facebook but it’s just not enough to stand out, an Instagram timeline is full of imagery whereas Facebook is a mixed bag, making it harder to stand out meaning you need to have a calculated approach when it comes to marketing.

Attracting interaction couldn’t be simpler on Instagram, this is all thanks to #Hashtags and tagging. Yes, Facebook has incorporated the same functionality but using it on Instagram just feels smoother without feeling like a spammer. Starting your own trend, dropping into other people’s feeds, and using up to 30 tags means there’s plenty of opportunity to target an audience equalling a better chance of getting interactions.

With new updates being added regularly you can now post quick snippet videos making video marketing a hot trend. Do you have to be arty? No, but it does help. A video of your products coming off the distribution line can be just as hypnotizing as a cleverly edited clip.

There may be many benefits to Instagram but one of the most notable points is that they listen to their users. Recently they have just rolled out their feed to web users meaning you can use the app through your desktop, a massive result for marketers!

In short:
• Easy to use, both desktop and mobile friendly
• Quick to set up
• Functionality to access your camera and gallery with multichannel sharing available
• Simple to attract users with various tags
• Upload either pictures or short videos

No nonsense advertising Instagram

is a scroll and go kind of app, you don’t even need to click into the picture to give it a like, all you need to do it double tap. With this in mind, as you’re scrolling through your feed you may notice the odd sponsored ad, however they’re a little bit sneaky you may not even notice the image you’re looking at is an ad (the sponsored message in the right hand side corner may give it away!) Their audience targeting is so good that sometimes you don’t spot these adverts because you expect to see that product or mention in your feed anyway.

Instagram Advertisement Example


You can target a customer demographic beyond just your current Instagram followers based on the demographic you choose and with their advertising platform exactly like Facebook (thanks to them purchasing the app) you don’t have to spend time learning the new Advert Manager. Using your Business Manager account on Facebook you can create and track your advert easily, this is ideal if you have a web based agency looking after your accounts because they can track and monitor the success of setting up adverts on Instagram.

In short:
• Your adverts slip in subtly to people’s feeds
• Easy to set up using Facebook Business Manager
• Simple to track

How Instagram will work for your business

Businesses big and small are now using Instagram successfully to advertise their business. The common thought is that this platform is for all things pretty: Fashion, beauty and models. However, you couldn’t be more wrong! From traders to gardeners, you’ll find their businesses on Instagram especially if they have something to sell. Snapping a picture or a video of your product or service allows people to see behind the scenes of a brand, they’re getting an experience that they can’t get whilst browsing your website.

Whether you want to create images from your phone or your happy to take a few snaps and send it over to your marketing team, it only requires a simple thought and a click of a button to start building a new audience for your brand.

The new trend for brands is to create a theme on their Instagram page which means that all their images have the same element whether that’s a white border, the same filter or are all shot from the same angle. This is a great element for businesses to build their brand visually.

In short:
• Suitable for all businesses
• Easy to take photos or to send photos to your marketing department
• Great for visually building your brand


It pays to market your business on Instagram if you want to build your audience, drive your products and keep up to date with the latest social media platform. Using Instagram isn’t time consuming, especially if you have an eCommerce & SEO agency looking after your marketing, so download the app and get on board.