What Does Google AdWords Certified Mean?

Being Google AdWords Certified can be a bit pesky at times, especially with the constant changing of expectations, but it’s no match for us as we’ve battled the tests and come  on top once again. If you’re not as nerdy as us then this might not sound as exciting but apart from the certificate on our office wall, let me explain what being certified means.

An AdWords certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognises then as an online advertising professional. You can only receive this accreditation after successfully passing the AdWords Fundamentals exam and either the Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising or Shopping Advertising exam administered by Google Partners.

There are several benefits to being accredited such as:

  • Validate your expertise – Ideal for showing current and prospective clients that you’re a certified online advertising specialist with a personalised certificate. A Google Partners public profile page listing your certifications will also be made available.
  • Help achieve your Google Partner badge – Agencies need at least one of their team members to be AdWords certified in order to achieve a Google Partner badge.
  • Appearing in Google’s Certified Partner Listing – Google have now made it even easier to see what trustworthy certified partners are available in your post code range. Now if you’re looking for a company in Nottingham who knows their stuff when it comes to advertising, marketing and Google we’ll show up!
  • Satisfaction of being recognised – It’s OK to say you can do something but it’s not quite as good as being certified.

By being Google Adwords Certified you can put your trust in us when we say we know how to handle your AdWords account. Within our Marketing department we have years of knowledge working with Google to achieve the best results for our clients so they don’t fall at the many hurdles Google throws at them.