Why Use Facebook to Build Your Community?

Social media marketing has been the buzz word of 2010. Many are critical as to whether it has real benefits for a business or if it’s all just hype. The great thing about social media is that no matter how small your business, anyone can utilise tools such as Facebook to reach a wider community and improve the marketing of their business.

Why use Facebook?

Creating a dialogue with customers:
Facebook is a great medium for SMEs to develop a dialogue and interact with their customers. Fans of your page can be updated regularly on news, new products and any offers you are promoting. You can even offer exclusive discounts for fans, which provides an added incentive for people to become a fan on Facebook.

Communicating and interacting with your customers enables you to build stronger relationships and allows them to feedback on what they want to see next. This will ultimately improve customer satisfaction and will keep your customers loyal and away from your competitors.

Generates Exposure:
Another key benefit of social media is generating exposure for your business. Facebook enables users to share information with each other in a unique way, organically promoting your website to other users and generating great positive word of mouth.

Increases Traffic:
This increase in exposure will in turn increase the traffic to your website, as users become more aware of your business and website.

Rise in Search Engine Rankings:
Another important benefit is that social media can improve your search engine ranking. This is supported by a recent report by Social Media Examiner, who found that a massive 73% of businesses reported improvements in their search engine rankings, since using social media tools such as Facebook.

There are clearly many benefits to using Facebook and other social marketing tools. However, creative and innovative ideas, as well as a thorough understanding of how social networks work are essential if you want to get people talking about your business.

Eventure Internet recognised the potential of social media long before it reached its current levels of popularity. They have proven creative strategies and many years of experience working with the leading social networking websites. Therefore it is well worth employing the expertise of professionals if you want to get the most out of your social marketing campaigns.