5 Top Tips For Choosing Profitable Keywords

1. Be Specific

– It is true that short generic keywords will get your ad’s seen more, but not necessarily by people looking for your products. Generic search terms make it more likely people will click through the ad mistakenly looking for another brand or without reading the ad fully, this will impact your bounce rate and conversion rates. Being more specific or using long tail keywords will help people find you who are specifically looking for your business and products.

2. Think Like Your Audience

– Consider what terms or phrases would people who want your products be searching for? It’s a great idea to use your own branding terms as these are likely to be less competitive and the people who are searching these are definitely going to be looking for your company/products.

3. Use The Tools Available

– Utilize tools like Adwords Planner or Keyword Everywhere to get ideas for keywords and to see what’s going to work the best for you. These tools will help you figure out the balance of how competitive a keyword is vs how many searches it gets. Ranking for a highly competitive keyword is difficult and usually very expensive, but often bidding on less competitive terms will mean lower search rates.

4. Scope Out the Competition

– Look into what your main competitors are ranking for or targeting. This can not only expand your list of potential keywords, as there may be some you’re overlooking. But most importantly it’ll show you what’s working in the industry at the moment.

5. Understand Match type

– Use the match type keywords to your advantage.
Broad Match – these will give your ads the most impressions as it will include any word in your phrase, misspelt terms or synonyms of your keywords
Phrase Match – your ad will show for any search that includes your phrase anywhere in the search
Exact Match – This will show your Ad only when your exact keyword is used or a very close variant.
Broad Match Modified – this will show your ad for searches that include all of the phrase but in any order.