Saying Goodbye To Broad Match Modified

Here at Eventure, we’re always keeping tabs on the Google Ads industry, and recently we learned that Broad Match Modified is being sunsetted by Google in February 2021.

What Does This Mean?

At this moment, Google is improving the Phrase and Exact match types to be a little broader with how they trigger search terms.

One thing is sure Phrase will somewhat “replace” the broad match modifier match type with Exact having close variants and having a bit more wiggle room with the search terms they trigger.

How does it Impact Us?

We see this as a positive change. Having four different match types to contend with can be pretty exhausting management, having to assess search terms for each match type, control the keyword bids, and improve quality scores.

Not only the slightly reduced workload for management of our clients, but it also will be interesting to see what impact this has on the search terms report.

For us, we’ll be going through all our client accounts and making the changes from broad match modified to phrase match to make sure we don’t lose any data and keep important keywords running.

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